used-car-salesman-2-thumbRecruiters, Retention, Career Counselor, and whatever other label you may find in a thesaurus that identifies the people that get you into the military or keep you in the military, is what will be discussed here.

These folks are all cut from the same cloth. SALES.

Their sole purpose is to sell the military to you.

Military recruiting is an important part of the military process. The military needs recruiters to act as a first line of defense against the unwanted and unworthy.

Recruiters have a rule book that must be followed. One of those rules is Do Not Lie. If they lie to a potential recruit they will be reprimanded(whatever that might be) and could possibly jeopardize their careers. TAKE NOTE that a lie is not equal to not telling the whole truth.

Full disclosure will only be given by a recruiter when it benefits them and the job. If a topic benefits them and also benefits you, then they will light up and tell you all sorts of wonderful things pertaining to the subject matter.

If something comes up in a conversation with a recruiter, they need to own up to everything they might know.

When asking questions it is very important to be specific and if the recruiter seems to deflect the question, change the subject or tell you that they will get back to you about it, make sure you pursue the answer.

A recruiter is your best buddy and once you sign that paperwork, to join the military, they will follow up with you until you sign the Contract.

YOU ARE NOT in the military until you sign a military contract DD form 4.



Whatever the recruiter tells you, will not be guaranteed by anyone, unless it is somewhere in your contract.

Maybe you want to be a Ranger, the recruiter probably told you that you can be a Ranger once you get in, becoming a Ranger is as easy as asking your commander, signing some paperwork and poof you are off to Ranger school. It isn’t that easy, many before you have been lead to believe that it is.

If you want to be a Ranger and it is not stated in the contract DD form 4, or one of its annexes, then you are on your own to find a way to become a Ranger. If you want ice cream before bed every night, get it in your contract, I doubt that you will be accommodated.


The ASVAB is the key element in determining what jobs will be offered to you. Also a high ASVAB score will give you leverage when dealing with military recruiters. Visit the eStore to find books that will help increase your military test scores.